Vaccine Mach Frei

Published on 18 April 2021 at 16:25

The statistics are optimistic, yet the Tories remain ever pessimistic. On the 7th of December 2020, the first UK Pfizer vaccine was injected. Over four months later, in April, the government announced that they had successfully offered a vaccine to all nine of the most vulnerable groups of the UK. The government also claims that we are at hurd immunity, which is a concept the government previously denied as existing, with at least 73.4% of UK citizens having Covid anti-bodies. So, this means that not only should those who are at risk of becoming hospitalised or dead are protected, but the disease should also be dying out. In London, infection rates are down to 20 per 100,000 and yet the so-called road map to freedom has only just started. It will be yet another month before restaurants can open indoors and the nonsensical, yet nicely even, rule of six will be lifted outdoors. Most pubs are still closed until they can offer indoor seating in May, because they will simply fail to make a profit. Socially distancing patrons in ash-stained smoking areas during the miserable great British spring is not exactly the soundest business model.

The vaccine is not working, or the pandemic is more than just an irritating microbe; either way there is something they aren’t telling us. The government tells us that over 80s, which is the most at-risk group, who receive the Pfizer Vaccine are 75% less likely to be hospitalized from Covid-19. This is great news for the health service, which we all locked ourselves away to protect back in March of last year. As death rates plummet and hospital beds are becoming ever emptier, we are still at a higher level of restriction then we where in the summer of 2020; pre-vaccine. During this government enforced economic recession, time is very much money. The longer they keep private businesses closed, there will be more restless nights, as more money trickles down the sink. The nation is at spiritual, mental, and economic breaking point; yet we must still endure this death march towards freedom until the 21st of June.

Do your bit and get the vaccine, so they can give our lives back! Cries from the media, who act as the viruses marketing team, call for everyone to get their vaccine. Get a vaccine so you can travel; get a vaccine so you watch your team or see a gig; Get a vaccine so you can drink in a pub; Get a vaccine so you can see your mother! These are empty promises. “Get a vaccine so we can go back to normal” is the new “Arbeit macht Frei” *. Holocaust analogies are admittedly lame, but the terrifying warning signs of tyranny are becoming hard to not relate to fascist regimes. You can plead and comply all you want, but I am worried that the state will not listen to you. It will be very interesting to see how the Vaccine passport, which they promised would never exist, becomes the new mark of the beast. If the vaccine is about destroying the virus, then how comes the push becomes greater as the hurdle of herd immunity becomes cleared further every day? If the pandemic is such a worldwide issue and the vaccine is of such paramount importance, then why do both need such a high-budget PR campaign?

The endless guilt trip campaigns plague YouTube, Facebook, and our streets. One such campaign, which features on YouTube, begs the “concerned” black community to take the vaccine. The ad stars multiple b-rate black British celebrities and normies and uses shameless guilt tripping to coerce them into taking a vaccine. The video even goes to the extent of telling black Britons to not let the “sacrifices of African and Caribbean’s go in vain.” Of course, referring to those who sacrificed  themselves greatly in the development of a perfectly safe vaccine. We are not aware of any Britons dying in the trial stages of the vaccine, so why are they talking about sacrifices? The advert then tells black people that their concerns are heard but, their “lives matter” – ugh. The entire affair is condescending and indicative of the media’s view of black people as their pets. I can almost hear the writer thinking as they wrote this Ad, “for goodness sakes, we are trying to help you. Bad negros, just take the bloody jab!” Next Matt Hancock will be addressing the press with his trousers hanging below his arse and a snap back on his head. What is wrong with allowing the BAME community being offered the facts and statistics, then making up their own minds? They are NOT your pets and they probably hate you.

So, what’s next? Even more worryingly is the sentence that one specky celeb delivers, “The new normal will mean needing a vaccine for doing the things we take for granted.” The audacity of these people is laughable. They are now suggesting that a vaccine is required to do what? See family? Go for a walk? Stand in your garden? I feel that the puppet masters are so arrogant, that they cannot help but reveal their next step. For now, plans state that the vaccine will only be needed to attended large events, such as the FA cup final, but when will we need it to attend dinner parties? Like everyone else, I do not know much about what’s in store next, but I do suspect a lot. I suspect that the state will crack down much harder on the vaccine passports around September/October time, once everyone has been offered an injection. I also suspect that the push for the vaccine will heighten as the inevitable fifth waves hits. The disease is not meant to be cured- it is mean to be continuous. Corona viruses have not and will not be wiped out, therefore any attempt to kill the virus entirely is futile. Those that need to be protected should receive help to protect themselves, but as for the rest of us- get back to earning, get back to achieving and get back to making memories. Pull up a chair, order a pint and re-join the normal-normal.  

*Arbeit Mach Frie- Work makes Free (German)   



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