China no guilty

Published on 10 June 2021 at 16:53

Chin no Guirty

Mr President Joe Biden announced in late May of this year that the US Central intelligence agency was receiving the go-ahead to increase efforts to determine the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. He claims that as part of his inquiry he will be posing “specific questions towards china[1]” Suggesting that the virus was deliberately or accidently leaked from a lab in Wuhan. This suggests that the president believes that the lab leak theory does in fact hold some weight. The mainstream media had previously declared that such a theory was xenophobic and utter conspiracy rubbish. Here at Counter Culture Club, we actually agree with the mainstream media for once. We love China and her glorious leaders, so we could never suggest for one moment that the disease was created by the Chinese and weaponised to create global economic downfall, whilst china’s economy sees record growth. Nor would we suggest for one moment either, that Xi Jinping looks like a specific British fictional character. We stand before you in defence of China, to prove that there was no economic or political motive for such an “accident.”

  1. China is a safe and beautiful place where accidents no happen.

To suggest that COVID-19 accidently escaped from a Lab in Wuhan, like the two incidents in Bejing in 2004 is absurd[2]. The case in Bejing were an extremely rare case of human error, which basically doesn’t ever happen in China. A 26-year-old women and a 32-year-old man were infected by a SARS virus on only two sperate occasions. The not at all independent state of Taiwan, lost only a few people to SARS back in 2002 after an outbreak of SARS ravaged the unruly region. This was supposedly one of 3 outbreaks, which supposedly occurred due to a lack of safety procedure in Chinese labs. This was declared by and independent research panel, however this was American propaganda, trying to slander the glorious CCP. Next, they will try to suggest that the Tianjin port explosion was not a result of spontaneous combustion, and that The Fengcheng power plant collapse was a result of corner cutting and corruption. After all, The Chinese Government did clearly state that it is free of corruption. China is free of industrial accidents, biowarfare and its president does not look like a specific cartoon bear. 

  1. China would never harm its own precious citizens


The PRC was built from the ashes of the old china, on the foundations of 55 million brave revolutionaries, who gave their lives to bring china into superpower status. Therefore, claims of China using the virus as a biological weapon for it’s own gain is ridiculous. China loves its people and would never want previous patriotic sacrifices to be in vain. The Chinese government would have to accept that a deliberate global spread of the disease would first have to infect Chinese citizens, which is absolutely preposterous when considering Chinas perfect Human Rights record. Fortunately, only about 3 people got a bit ill from COVID in china, however the Chinese government would never risk the lives of 90,000 odd people[3]just so Barry in Slough couldn’t go to the pub. Western mainstream media frequently spread lies about Human Rights in China, such as the lies in regards to Tiananmen Square, where a man danced with a tank and 10,000 people died with joy. Claims of oppression against the Chinese people from the PRC is merely racism from white media sources, because Chinese people look like clones of aliens with eyes like piss-holes. This has to stop. The Chinese Government is less racist than America, where police people squish people of colour. The Chinese government loves its minorities so much that it looks after it’s Muslim population in lovely holiday camps. The Chinese government would never hurt its own people and would never jeopardise its own population in a bid for global collapse through economic crisis. President Xi Jinping, also, does not look anything like a honey-loving bear.

  1. China no get economic gain.

With wheels of industry of China’s trade opponents’ seized, and the Chinese government seeing only a minor economic increase of 16.5%[4] in the last quarter there is literally nothing much for China to gain from this disease. China would become very lonely of the domestic business within the west where to disappear. They would have no competition for their nationalized corporations. Without enterprise in America and the west, trade tariffs would have to be removed and western consumers would have to beg China for it’s products. This would be very stressful for china, because of the increase of demand. If the West was dependent on China then the Chinese would end up becoming over stretched and might even drown in money, which would be terribly sore. The Chinese corporation already supply most of the world with Test kits, hand sanitiser and masks; it already has extra work cut out for it. If they get increased demand for other products too, then they may need a nap. God forbid that India become weakened from the virus, especially after the PLA recently had a trip into Indian territory to meet their new friends of the Indian army. China would no way benefit from the economic fall out and the resulting Chinese business monopoly that it has created. The supreme leader of China is no way similar in likeness to Winnie the Pooh.

  1. China no like Biowarfare


The CCP is dedicated to it’s prestigious Human Rights record and would never use chemical or biological weapons on Human beings, because that would be mean. The Iranians stole China’s chemical weapons in 1995 after they were on the way to be handed in to a policeman by the CCP. The Chinese where once victims of Japanese biological weapons in world war two. This why the Chinese have such a good anti-BW unit, who only study infectious diseases which could be potentially used on soldiers and civilians. This is to test how these horrible diseases could be treated if they were to be used by enemies of China. Winnie the Pooh doesn’t look like China’s handsome leader either.




Overall, the conspiracy that Chinese labs would accidentally allow covid to spread to a post grad student after they studied an active strain of COVID-19 under a microscope is incorrect. The idea that the Chinese government would deliberately spread Covid-19, to weaken it’s enemies and gain political and economic dominance, is just a baseless claim in every way. Xi Jinping, who is NOT an ugly evil cunt, does not look like Winnie the Pooh.  


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