Coolest Black dudes in History

Published on 14 February 2021 at 15:26

Black History Month

The top 10 coolest Black dudes in history ever

As we all know; black people are cool. They are disproportionately cooler than white people and that’s just a fact. The following gents are some brothers in their prime, as cool levels definitely fluctuate over the time span of a man’s life. With an abundance of choices, here are my favourite Black celebrities ( as they are all pretty cool anyways.)


Michael B Jordan

At the age of thirty-four, I believe this man to be the youngest member of this list and probably the most handsome.  He started his career around 2009 as a model (surprised?), working Modell’s sporting goods, but you probably first knew of him as “the dude from creed”. After knocking Tony Bellew’s scouse block off, Michael is probably best known for not being the basketball player. The other black guy syndrome. Michael’s certainly got a way with the ladies.    Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan on Being Each Other’s Movie Crushes | W Magazine - YouTube You can basically smell Margot’s sexual tension. Plus he just seems like a cool dude to get a beer with.


Will Smith

The prince of Bel air is far from a complete Bell-end. The movies are countless and so are the laughs. Not to mention his singing career. The guy seems to emit positivity and laughter where ever he goes. His easy going persona and slick philly charm earns him a solid place at ninth. If he wasn’t so omnipresent, he might be higher.


Samuel L Jackson

Did somebody say motherfucker? Because this guy said it forty times in his last film shaft(2020) alone. Jackson is simply a movie icon and has motherfuckerd his way into pop culture forever. His iconic performance in films such as pulp fiction has burnt his lines into the vocabulary of movie-goers across the globe. He also undoubtably has one of the biggest motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane. He would be higher on the list he if he didn’t often wear a beret. Motherfucker.  



Nothing sums up 1980s west coast hip-hop more than NWA. Eazy-E was a major player in the scene and lead ruthless records and gangster rap to worldwide success. Despite growing up in Compton in the 70s-80s, Easy made a name for himself and was one of the first black rappers to use the medium as to escape a life of crime, by using- gang culture. He was the subject of a lot of media controversy as early Hip-Hop replaced Satan-worshipping rock and roll. There’s something about the OGs of “gangster rap” that just makes them unbelievably cool. The rides, the threads and the music was just infinitely cooler than the mumble rap of todays retarded rappers. Just a shame that Eazy’s first name was Eric.  


Tupac Shakur

What NWA did for Hip-Hop Tupac matched it. Although his stage name reminds me of my abdomen as a pre-pubescent boy, 2pac was undoubtably cool. Tupac was for a long-time, the king of the west coast. The man was practically the black Jesus, preaching the new ghetto-Gospel with his rhymes. He preached for kindness and unity, whilst never dropping the air of a man who could and would blast you. He released some heart-rending songs as well as some head-banging west coast anthems, showing off his duality and range.  The man supposedly suffered a gangster’s fate; succumbing from bullet wounds to the body. We hope that this was all an act, and he will sometime return from spitting rhymes to Hitler and Elvis in Argentina.


Black panther dude



The original- and infinitely cooler- BLM are a treasure trove of coolness. The man on the far right is by far one of the coolest of the militia men ever photographed. It’s a combination of; the Fidel castro- cap held at a jaunty angle; The sunglasses; the 12. Gauge and the casual t-shirt, which makes him stand out from the rest of his comrades.


Muhammed Ali

Like most boxers of the time, fashion wasn’t what Ali was known for. The boxer’s personality mostly did the talking. The unshakeable confidence of Ali in his peak and steadfastness to the sport makes Ali one of the greatest sports personalities of all time. The retarded Floyd mayweathers and Deonte Wilders of today prancing around in Halloween costumes, not only assault the eyes, but prove why Ali deserves to be on the list. Confidence, quietness and knowing when to use them is what makes a man, such as Ali even more badass.


Beetle Juice

You can’t Beat the Juice. Howard tried. We all tried. At the end of the day, you can’t break the man. His overwhelming happiness combined with his gangster apparel, makes him cooler than some of the greats. He remains calm and humorous, no matter the situation- even if it is because he has no idea where he is.



Ronnie Coleman

What sort of list would this be if we did not involve the King of the gym, himself? Everyone knows that muscles are really fucking cool. Arny was damn cool too, but Ronnie seems strangely more likeable. The lisp, the smile and the catch phrases. Ronny was always quick with a quip and never short of an inspiring quote. Beyond being a bronze, muscle, machine, Ronnie just seems like a cool guy. We can probably allow him for being fed, just because of how ridiculously cool he looks bulging out of that blue uniform.


Morgan Freeman

It would probably be blasphemy if I didn’t include Morgan Freeman. If Tupac was black Jesus, then Morgan Freeman is the black, big man himself- NOT to say God wouldn’t be black. He’s played God twice and Nelson Mandela once. Freeman has that timeless, mystical old sage air about him, making him appear calm, cool and wise. Freeman’s omni-coolness made him perfect as God and makes him the coolest man on this list.




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Mike Hunt
a year ago

Those are some pretty cool black dudes my man, nice list shame I would like to have seen Kanye West on that list. Maybe up for quickset sprint acceleration of all time!