Manliest Men to Have Ever Musiced

Published on 1 March 2021 at 18:49

The manliest men in music to have ever musiced

There isn’t too much inherently manly about the music industry. Prancing around stage with a face of make-up, whilst strumming your guitar in front of crowds of people just isn’t really the manliest pursuit. Most of the worlds manly men are out building towers, saving people from fires and shooting foreigners abroad. This has usually meant that manly men haven’t really had time to write rhymes and fiddle with instruments, however there certainly has been a few manly men to grace the music industry. Here are a few of them:  


Johnny cash

Following his four years of service in the Air Force, cash went about forging a career with his guitar. Cash’s music was a mix of rock, country, blues and gospel and was filled with themes of death, crime and incarceration. He also teamed up with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson to create a supergroup, dedicated to outlaw country. The Highwaymen, were a great force in outlaw country, and what’s more manly than outlaw country music. Cash’s persona as the man in black gave him his stoic and sobering image. Cash didn’t shy away from themes such as, addiction and degeneracy in a time when such things were frowned upon in country music. Cash’s iconic image as the outlaw of country music gave him that dark-side masculinity, which everyone aspires to. Plus, that signature gruff voice is always sure to the testosterone flowing.  


Mick Jagger

The front man of the Rolling Stones himself, Mick Jagger, is one of the most influential Rock singers to have ever lived. Jagger helped to solidify the image of the bad boy Rockstar and was never shy to drugs, drink and women. The man is said to have slept with around 4,000 chicks as a young man. The long hair and brief career in drag may not do much for Jagger’s masculinity, but it takes a certain breed of masculine confidence to Rock eyeliner and blonde locks with style. Besides, he let his body count do the talking on behalf of his heterosexuality.


GG Allen

Although he was born with the name of “Jesus Christ,” GG was far from being Holy in any way. He is said to have been arrested 52 times, for assault and harassment amongst many others. GG took the rebellious nature of rock and took it to the next level of degeneracy. Allen may have been a nutcase, but he was a tough bastard non the less. Allen just wanted to watch the world burn; making it his mission to piss-off as many people as possible with his Un-PC songs such as, Kill The Police and Outlaw Scumfuc. His performances on stage would include self-mutilation, which would cover his face in blood and defecation. The man’s morbid obsession with death was clear throughout his life, through his actions and his lyrics. He would write to deranged serial killers, and even admitted to raping both men and women. Although he isn’t your image of a great man, he certainly had some balls. Whether he was an extremely edgy bad boy or just a deranged monster is unclear, but what is obvious, is that he will never be forgotten for his actions.  


50 cent

This list couldn’t be about manly men in music, without the inclusion of at least one rapper.  Fifty Cent is a macho mountain of muscle. His album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’,  is my favourite rap albums of the 2000s and contains gritty stories of his life growing up on the streets of Jamaica Queens. The NYC artist was famously shot nine times; including a shot in the face, which has left his tongue permanently swollen. Fifty Cent is now a businessman and amassed a net worth of around $150 million, according to Forbes[1]. Fifty started selling drugs at the age of twelve and is currently the richest rapper to have ever lived. There’s nothing manly like a rag to richest story-and massive biceps of course.


Trace Adkins

Another man to have survived being shot is country singer, Trace Adkins. Trace has seriously been in the wars throughout his life; he severed his nose in a car accident; survived an oil barrel explosion; cut off a finger and survived being shot in the heart. Trace also survived being stranded on an Oil in 1989, during a hurricane. There are little things more manly in music, than having worked blue collar jobs for a living. The only thing manlier than that is cheating death. Every man secretly wishes they worked on an oil rig or built houses for a living, until they must actually do it that is. In 1994, Trace had been arguing with his ex-wife about his heavy drinking, when she pulled out a .38 handgun. Trace drunkenly attempted to disarm her when he was shot through his heart and lungs. Blue collar jobs, cheating death, country music and borderline alcoholism-Manliness.


Buzz Martin

Buzz Martin was the musical voice of the logging industry throughout his career. Buzz sang about the gruelling lifestyle of an American logger. His music was almost always about a hard-days logging and includes tunes such as, Whistle Punk Pete, Monday Morning Again and Where There Walks a Logger There Walks a Man. The logger life is only for those with the largest logs. The average death rate amongst loggers is twenty to thirty times higher than the National American average.[2] Buzz martin’s famous pork chop sideburns also hold testament to his masculinity, as they are by far the most balls-to-the-walls manly facial hair a man can have. When he wasn’t slaying large trees in the forests of Oregon, he was writing toe tapping tunes with his guitar. Buzz’s songs are timelessly relatable for any blue-collar worker, who works 40-hour-weeks in a dangerous atmosphere. Buzz’s hands were rough from logging; his fingertips calloused from his guitar and his voice as gruff as the Douglas Fir. Buzz epitomises the marriage of masculinity and music, which makes him the real grand oak of this list.  





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